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What is an Investment?

According to Investopedia, an investment is an asset or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or will appreciate in the future. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. In finance, an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset will provide income in the future or will be sold at a higher price for a profit. Read more: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/i/investment.asp#ixzz4htrLy3At


What is a Voluntary Association and why adopt this structure for the club?

Investment clubs can have different legal structure based on the aims and objectives upon which the investment club is created. There are advantages and disadvantages to any legal structure adopted so this has to be considered carefully before joining a group.


We have thought long and hard before agreeing to set-up this club as a voluntary association. The Voluntary Association as a legal structure is one that we believe supports this Club better than others.  An Association is usually governed by a constitution which becomes the legal document that governs the association. It states the objects of the association, its membership and structure, and the powers it gives itself to carry out its objectives, establishing the rights and duties of each member. Please refer to our Constitution Page to read through the full Constitution.


Can I still be part of the Investment Club if I do not support the investment club engaging in charitable causes?

No – You must be willing to associate with all our values as described in the constitution. Please note that support for the charitable causes we adopt will be will does not have to be financial. Your support can be a simple appreciation.


Why is Property investment the primary focus?

Bricks and mortar have taken a knocking in recent months – but it’s still one of the most robust investment classes, especially in the long term. Here’s why.


It’s safe (as houses), It’s easy to get started

You don’t need specialist knowledge to start investing in property: in fact, many property investors didn’t start off intending to make their fortune through property. We can help you  get started.


It’s easier to research than stocks and shares

Playing the stock market requires a lot of education. You have to understand how the system works, understand the complex world of trading (not least the different kinds of financial instruments used), as well as research brokers and fund managers.


Investing in property, meanwhile, is much simpler: at its most basic, you can simply jump online and start looking at properties. Admittedly, there’s more to getting property investing right than just picking a property, but a significant amount of research can be done online (and is usually either free or inexpensive) or by attending seminars and training – without having to garner reams of specialist


Adding value – You can renovate (cosmetically)

Spotted a shabby old place with potential? You can renovate, subdivide or develop and create value out of thin air even through a simple paint job– unlike other asset classes.


Different strokes for different folks

Property is a remarkably flexible investment: no matter what your financial aims are, you should be able to find an investment strategy that suits you. Let’s show you how.


An investment for every budget

There so many affordable entry points; if you buy smartly, you can also expect equivalent or even better growth than more expensive assets.


It improves your financial knowhow

Perhaps a left-field advantage, but investing in property improves your financial know-how. The simple act of saving for a deposit teaches financial discipline; Teaming up with others to purchase a property teaches team-work. We will help you apply PiNergy and support you to success.


You don’t have to do the dirty work

If the ideas of property hunting, renovating, developing, dealing with tenants or any of the associated tasks that come along with investing in property don’t appeal to you, then you don’t need to do them. That is why you are a member of a Property Investment Club. We’ll provide a platform for an easy ride.


With interest rates at their lowest for more than a decade, couples with our own formula which encourages synergy, there is no reason why you cannot succeed as a property investor.


Why is an SPV?

A Special Purpose Vehicle limited company is a company which is set up just to hold property and do nothing else. Buy to let lenders offering mortgages to corporate vehicles mostly prefer SPVs to trading limited companies because they are easier and quicker to understand and underwrite. Many more landlords are now considering purchasing rental property via an SPV limited company because it could become more tax efficient if proposed changes to tax relief on finance costs for individual landlords are phased in.


What is an SPV and why is the Club encouraging members to use SPVs as a Tool to purchasing a property?

We can help you team-up with others to make an investment. This means for a smaller amount you can own a piece of a property.

We encourage a maximum of 5 Directors per an SPV.

More advantageous tax breaks for mortgage interest relief from 2017 onwards

Lower rental coverage required compared to a personal Buy to Let.

Personal mortgage deposits can be withdrawn from the Limited Company by a directors loan with no tax liability.

April 2018 utilise £2000 tax-free dividend allowance (reduced from £5,000). For PAYE clients there is no further tax liability.

Add your adult son/daughter as a shareholder of the company to utilise their dividend allowance.

Retain the net profit within the company and utilise it to fund additional property purchases, without suffering income tax on the retained amount.


What is the Annual Contribution and how is it set?

The Annual Contribution is £10.00 which is set by the Board of Trustees by analysing the need for it and it’s projected use.


What is the contribution for?

The Contribution provides us with the funds needed to:

Leverage contacts for seminars and events etc.

Run the Website where we will continuously publish resources, events and identified properties for investment.

To host members in meetings


Are there any other fee/charges associated that members would have to pay?

There are no fees/charges associated to membership. Other than the Registration contribution, you may be asked to voluntarily contribute to our Good Causes projects. Please not that contributions to our Good Causes projects are completely voluntary so not compulsory.


If an investment opportunity is published by the Club do we have to make payment to the Club?

Please note that monies will not and should not be paid to the Club. If you see an investment opportunity, please see the How we help you invest presentation.



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