There are many reasons to join PiNergy When you become a member, you become a part of our dynamic family that enjoys the opportunity to unlock property investment products in and around some of the most metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities in England, we also ensure all members enjoy invitation-only member training and events, where in-depth local knowledge is mixed with world-wide expertise to get you updated on the latest property trends. One of best ways to get the knowledge needed to minimize risk in property investment is by joining our property investment club. If you have never been part of an investment club, we are glad to let you know PiNergy is filled with educational and networking opportunities.


Benefits of membership

As a member of PiNergy, you get knowledge, encouragement, support, motivation, resources, networking and so much more. Benefits you stand to enjoy as a member of our investment club are:

  • Networking
  • Invest by Synergy – BiNergy
  • Information, Education and Training
  • Legal Experts including Conveyancers
  • Property Managers including Estate Agents
  • Meeting other local investors and learning from their experiences.
  • Access to seminars, trainings and educational events where members get to learn new skills that would add value to their investment strategies, businesses and work at large.
  • Invest Regularly
  • Building a buyer’s lists
  • Finance Experts including Mortgage Brokers
  • Discover and own leadership growth companies
  • Learn how to Reinvest dividends and capital gains
  • Meeting others whom you may do deals with (SPVs, JVs, etc)
  • Getting referrals to service providers and experts you will need in your investment journeys

Remember – Your planning for tomorrow begins with the choices you make today.


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